Artists 2016

Artists 2016

Below you’ll find all artists from the 2016 convention. Do you want to be a part of our event in 2017? Contact us by using the web form or send us an email at

Click on the shopname to visit their website.

Shop Artists Country
Ace & Dice Serge van der Beke Belgium
BamBam Tattoo Benni Belgium
Belgium Tattoo Inc Valere Belgium
Blackline Tattoo Eddy Bovijn Belgium
Body Adorments Davy Belgium
Debster Tattoo Debby The Netherlands
Djoels tattoo Djoels Belgium
Electrum Tattoo Jeroen Belgium
Electrum Tattoo Sarah Belgium
Electrum Tattoo Yannick little panic Belgium
Fine Tattoo Works Tatthor The Netherlands
Fine Tattoo Works Kaatje The Netherlands
Flekjack Tattoo Bjorn Belgium
Gekko Wilco The Netherlands
Inkglorious Tattoo Belgium
Krijos John Belgium
Kurts Shop Kurt Belgium
Kurts Shop Robbie Coventry United Kingdom
Lady luck Mayke The Netherlands
Lady luck Naomi Black The Netherlands
Lilla Gatans tattoo Richard Sweden
Los Agujas Adri Belgium
Los Agujas GG art Belgium
Los Agujas Niels Belgium
Lubeck Tattoo Danny The Netherlands
Lubeck Tattoo Falina The Netherlands
Lubeck Tattoo Rene The Netherlands
Lucky You tattoo Geert De Mol Belgium
Paul’s Tattoo Art Studio Paul Belgium
Pierced Heart Natasja The Netherlands
Pirate Piercing Lucas Belgium
Pirate Piercing Maartje Belgium
Samoudrawink Julien France
Soul to Skin Farid Belgium
Spitfire Tattoo Nic Ruberto Belgium
Spitfire Tattoo Gil Guerra Belgium
Steel Horse Tattoo Ilker Sarigoz Belgium
Step by Step Michael Steppe Belgium
Tattoo Art Studio Guido Belgium
Tattoo Bo Benny Belgium
Tattoo by Yazz Yazz Belgium
Tattoo Cirk Mariska Belgium
Tattoo Eus rude 77 The Netherlands
Tattoo Freedom Marc Belgium
Tattoo Gino Dimi Belgium
Tattoo Gino Yvan Belgium
Tattoo Ink Demiror
Tattoo Ink Loco
Tattoo Ink Nini
Tattoo Johnny Johnny Martinet Belgium
Tattoo Perre Perre Belgium
Tattoo Schreus Filip Belgium
Tattoo Schreus Patje Belgium
Tattoo Skull Nico Belgium
Tattoo Wesley Wesley Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Big Red Tom Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Hanne Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Sergio Santos Belgium
The Needle doctor Roland Belgium
The Tailorshop Mylene Devillers Belgium
The Tailorshop Nick Marien Belgium
Toruymon Tattoo Vanessa Belgium
Trash Tattoo Joyce Belgium
Wolf Ink Tattoo Frank Belgium


Backseat Boppers
Stray Kitten and the Alleycats


Traders Country
Charlie’s Clothing Belgium
Lucky Seven Supplies Belgium
Ziggy’s Garage Belgium
Soul Art & Fashion Belgium
Cars Clothes Collectabels Belgium
So’Fist – Iron fist Belgium Belgium
Tattoo Planet The Netherlands
Cherry Lips Belgium
Tek Tik Tattoo Supply Belgium
55 Sea Shepperd Belgium
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