Artists 2018

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Ace & Dice Serge Belgium
Amore T2 Debbie Zandvoort The Netherlands
Alvarez Ink Sam van Hoof Belgium
Cindy Frey Cindy Belgium
Cindy Frey Elise Tack Belgium
Cry Baby Corline Belgium
Cry Baby Sicksad Benben Belgium
Djoels Ink Djoels Belgium
Duck Art Tattoo Wim Belgium
Freedom Mark Belgium
Freedom Eddy Belgium
Gekko Tattoo Wilco The Netherlands
Great Fin ink Rian Park South Korea
Great Fin Ink Vex South-Korea
Great Fin Ink Des South-Korea
Inferno Tattoo Liesl Belgium
Inferno Tattoo Dana Belgium
Inkglorius Phillipe Bonamie Belgium
Johnny’s Tattoo Shop Johnny Belgium
Johnny’s Tattoo Shop Martinez Belgium
Krijos Tattoo John Belgium
La Maison de poupée Yentl Belgium
La Piel Tattoo Roger A Dos Manos Spain
La Piel Tattoo Soley Spain
Lilla Gatans Richard Sweden
Los Agujas Adri Belgium
Los Agujas Sabrina Scarlet Belgium
Lucky You tattoo Geert Belgium
Mines Tattoo Lanam Tamang Nepal
Never Setlle for Les Tatoos Tom de Schuytere Belgium
Never Setlle for Les Tatoos Liza D Belgium
Never Setlle for Les Tatoos Liza D Belgium
Never Setlle for Les Tatoos Amy Wolf Belgium
Paul’s tattoo art Paul Belgium
Pierced Heart Natasja The Netherlands
Pirate Piercing Lucas Spain
Reina Oscura Christopher Belgium
Rebelicious Vroy Belgium
Snipes tattoo Christophe ( Snipe ) Belgium
Shithead Tattoo Kenny Thys Belgium
Shithead Tattoo Mick VW Belgium
Snipes tattoo Snipe Belgium
Soul to Skin Farid Belgium
Sonink Sonny Belgium
Spitfire tattoo Nic Ruberto Belgium
Spitfire tattoo Gil Guerra Belgium
Tattoo Art Studio Guido Belgium
Tattoo Cirk Mariska Van Lissum Belgium
Tattoo Eus Gino The Netherlands
Tattoo Gino Ivan Belgium
Tattoo Gino Dimi Belgium
Tattoo Gino Tiffany Belgium
Tattoo Lieto Lieto Belgium
Tattoo Jelke Jelke Belgium
Tattoo Jelke Guy Belgium
Tattoo Perre Perre Belgium
Tattoo Schreurs Filip Belgium
Tattoo Schreurs Patje Belgium
Tattoo Wesley Wesley Belgium
Tattoo Yazz Yazz Belgium
Tequila tattoo Joachim Belgium
Tequila tattoo Jelle Swolfs Belgium
Tequila tattoo Hanne Hanges Belgium
The needle doctor Roland Belgium
The needle doctor Sam Belgium
Trashcore Joyce Belgium
Wild ink studio Masamichi Nakatsuka Canada
Wolf ink Franky Belgium


Tek tik Belgium
VivaVega Belgium
Fresh-a-licious The Netherlands
R&B Clothing Belgium
King Cobra Belgium
Fabienne Belgium
American Lifestyle Belgium
Vaya Tinta Belgium
Cars & Clothes Belgium


Pink Cadillac
The Rattleshake Combo
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